What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process whereby a neutral third party (known as a Mediator) assists and facilitates disputing parties to amicably settle their dispute without the need to litigate in Court.

Is Mediation right for me?

As opposed to litigation, mediation provides an alternative method of resolving conflict and enables parties to identify their differences in a non-confrontational manner. This often leads to the preservation of relationships once mediation proceedings have concluded, as the goal is not to win or lose. It is to explore possible solutions which are acceptable to all parties involved.

In many cases, mediation can be much more cost-effective and provide a quicker resolution to your matter.

Why should I choose Mediation?

All types of disputes, no matter how small, can utilise mediation for commercial, contractual, employment, family, intellectual property, and technology or personal injury matters can take advantage of this process.

What Mediation procedure do we follow?

HLR Law utilise international best practices by adopting the UNCITRAL Mediation Rules (2021) when conducting your mediation proceedings. 

The UNCITRAL Mediation Rules (2021) provides a clear Structured framework on how mediation sessions are held and ensures that confidentiality is maintained for all parties involved, including any disclosures made during the process. 

Being SMC-BDAC Accredited Mediators and panel members of Brunei Darussalam Arbitration Centre (“BDAC”), HLR Law also conducts mediation proceedings under the BDAC Mediation Rules and Code of Conduct. 

If you would like to know more, please contact us via our Enquiry, or alternatively, you can click here for the UNCITRAL Mediation Rules (2021) or here for the BDAC Commercial/Small Case Mediation Rules


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