Alternative dispute resolution

Welcome to our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice area, where we offer efficient and effective methods of resolving disputes outside of traditional litigation. ADR provides numerous benefits, including cost savings, quicker resolution times, and greater control over the outcome. Our team of experienced professionals specialises in mediation and arbitration, two popular forms of ADR that offer parties the opportunity to reach mutually satisfactory resolutions.

 Mediation Services:

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which a neutral mediator facilitates communication and negotiation between parties to help them reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Our mediators are trained to create a safe and productive environment for parties to express their concerns, explore solutions, and work towards a resolution. We assist clients in initiating mediation, guiding them through the process, and providing skilled mediation advocacy to ensure their interests are represented.

Mediation Advocacy: 

 Mediation advocacy is crucial for clients to effectively present their interests and negotiate favorable outcomes during mediation. Our skilled mediation advocates provide comprehensive support, including pre-mediation preparations, and guidance during the mediation session. We are dedicated to addressing our clients’ interests, needs, and position throughout the mediation process.

Arbitration Advocacy:

Arbitration advocacy requires strong representation to present a compelling case and maximize the chances of a favorable outcome. Our arbitration advocates meticulously prepare for arbitration hearings, conducting thorough research, gathering evidence, and presenting persuasive arguments. We advocate zealously for our clients’ interests, leveraging our expertise in arbitration procedures and substantive law to achieve the best possible results.

Initiating ADR

Initiating the ADR process is simple with our guidance and support. We assist clients in understanding their options, assessing the suitability of ADR for their dispute, and preparing the necessary documentation to initiate the process. Our resources include informative guides, checklists, and access to expert advice to ensure clients are well-prepared and confident in using ADR to resolve their disputes.


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